Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 7: Stick n' Poke tattoo

Today marks the end of my first official week of this project. I have done/tried 7 new things/experiences in the last 7 days. I think that the project is going well and all, and I'm excited to find out what I will be forced into trying in the nearing future. I believe in this project, I really do. It goes without saying that this self assigned assignment is going to open my eyes and broaden my view, which is probably good. Thats why, today I, along with my friend David, gave ourselfs whats referred to as a "stick n poke" tattoo. Its basically just you, a needle, and small bottle of "India Ink". To get started, you want to draw out your piece (I went with a skateboard, but keep in mind that this shit hurts so, for your own sake, maybe choose a small and/or simple tattoo to draw) on wherever you see fit (I choose my inner thigh because I was told that its not as sensitive in that area, and of coarse, its job friendly). Take your shiny new needle, dab it in the ink, and be sure to get a fair amount on it. Then, as you probably assumed, the "sticking and poking" portion becomes relevant. Simply take the dripping needle and trace the blue prints of your tattoo. Now when I say trace, what I really mean is to violently stab your flesh with a sharp metal object. A lot of this may sound stupid, and don't think that your weird for thinking it. In fact, your not the only one who thinks this, your body does too (Its impressive how much your body doesn't enjoy being punctured). I started out with mild, modest jabs but it was clear that these sissy stabs were not going to get me my inner thigh alteration (or worse, my "daily new thing"). So, I stepped it up a notch and did some damage. Its not as painful as you may think, its that whole going over the same spots for like the third or fourth time that seems to bring out the sensitivity in your skin. It came out really thin and dull but it at least it came out. Which makes me the proud owner of my fist and only self inflicted tattoo.

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