Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 105: Meditation

     I've been trying to find my chi lately. With all this work and school and ridiculous challenges, I need to find some balance. I felt like meditation would be a good start. Unfortunately, meditation requires a quiet, tranquil environment, and my Dad's birthday party wasn't the most tranquil of settings. He was celebrating with friends with a BBQ at the house and it was apparent that they were having a good time. I had gotten off of work and wanted to complete my challenge quick so I could go to bed, but I couldn't seem to focus for the life of me. I looked up meditation videos and sat in the omniscient position, waiting for pure enlightenment... but nothing happened. I was told that there is something like 5 stages of meditation and I had yet to get past the first one.  I was bummed out about not getting the best crack at that whole meditating thing but its O.K. I'll try again some other time. I'll light some incense, throw up some wind chimes, and bust out the chi tea. Then I'll get some balance.

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