Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 57: Join A Women's Workout Class

     So, I've learned a couple valuable lessons in this project so far; I don't really care for sushi, pudding is embarrassingly easy to make, chugging a gallon of lukewarm water is a sure-fire way to get instant diarrhea. I've learned a lot and I think that this challenge has taught me another important lesson. That lesson: women's workout classes are no joke. I tagged along to my mom's (you may remember her from the day 25: blood donation challenge) Saturday morning workout class. I was pretty oblivious to what I was getting myself into, I was just relieved that this challenge wouldn't be another uber lame one. So I get to class and I'm getting my little mat out, and I'm assembling my weights, and I'm trying to limber up by loosely swinging my arms around. My mom wastes no time as she gets her personal workout area ready. I look into a room full of eager fitness freaks, and it becomes clear that I am the only male in the place. I had gotten the vibe that it was more of a womens kind of thing but my mom made it clear that I was totally welcome to join. This is about the time when Heather showed up. Heather is the eccentric instructor that apparently heard about my project and the fact that I would be partaking in the workout. She got up on the stage before us and announced to the class that a young boy (me) would be joining them and to stop giving me strange looks. She then proceeded to start up what ever the latest dance club remix song was and began the stretching routine. Basically it was a whole lot of squats, with small weights and a lot of repetition. She played several songs, they all resembled a mesh of inaudible noise watered down by a thumping bass. She played those songs and demonstrated exercises, and I repeated enthusiastically. I even started mimicking her as she took an air guitar solo after a squat. By the end I found my self breaking a solid sweat and was already feeling the burn that she was talking about. Class soon ended and I thanked Heather for making me sweaty. We then took some pictures and went home to enjoy a couple of well deserved protein shakes. I was pretty damn sore the next day.

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