Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Day 322: Practice Witchcraft

"Magical" instructions 
     I  used to know a girl that was into witchcraft. She sat next to me back in Elementary school and she would go on and on about how her magic powers and mystic potions. Even as a fourth grader, I knew that it was total bullshit, but I'd let her ramble. Once, she told me about how she had killed her sister and then raised her back from the dead that very same night. Kids would make fun of her for being so (even for an elementary-schooler) weird. She'd threaten us by saying that'd she'd turn all of us into bats for making fun of her, but from the looks of it, I don't that panned out. I don't remember anybody actually believing her stories, but that didn't stop her. She just kept acting like she was possessed at recess like always.
From the money spell
     Today's challenge, to try witchcraft, kept making me thing of that girl. It wouldn't surprise me at all if I found out that the website, spells and magic was ran by her. It was a strange place. The site enclosed a disclaimer that  warned visitors to be careful when casting spells. I found this both mildly amusing, and somewhat pathetic. This guy really took this stuff seriously. I on the other hand, do not (remember, I'm still not a bat). Either way, I needed a new thing for today and witchcraft seemed just dumb enough to try.

     I chose two spells to cast. One was to elevate my pride, and the other was to help me obtain money. The whole song and dance was almost too corny to bear, but I went with it anyways. For each spell, I had to act out a series of cliche steps. I felt like I was in a terrible Harry Potter remake. But I did as the site instructed me and completed both spells. If for some strange reason you'd like to dabble with the dark arts, I suggest you have a look around the spells and magic website. And let me know if you ever come across a turn-you-into-a-bat spell, I could use one that actually works.

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